Friday, 10 April 2009

D-Mannose and its use with bladder infections

D-Mannose is a 100% natural sugar which is not metabolised very well in humans, and therefore 99% of it passes into the bladder unchanged. It is for this reason that it can be so effective in managing bladder infections and bladder sensitivity.

It is thought that D-Mannose prevents bacteria attaching to the lining of the urinary tract and works particularly efficiently against E.coli which is the main bacteria implicated in bladder infections. Anecdotal reports from patients tell of great improvement in symptoms.

The popular belief is that d-mannose is present in cranberries, it is not present in most varieties and even then in very small amounts. The natural d-mannose available to buy is extracted from timber in which it is present in greater quantities.

D-Mannose is helpful for bladder infections of both sexes, and is safe to use with pregnant women, children and dogs and cats.

Menopausal women can be particularly prone to repeated bladder infections, as are elderly and perhaps incontinent people. Unexplained confusion in an elderly person may well be due to an undiagnosed and symptomless bladder infection. People who have paraplegia also suffer repeated bladder infections as do other infirm people who are confined to a wheelchair.

The beauty of D-Mannose is that it can be taken as a preventative measure – I myself take one tablet every evening. That vulnerable feeling of an impending infection has gone and I have been infection free since I began taking D-Mannose.

For your convenience it is available in both tablet and powder form. Taken in the powder form in a drink, 90% of it reaches the bladder within the hour. It is for this reason that it can provide such rapid relief.

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